Hawksbill Turtle Project


Host: C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl®

Guest: Dr. Larry Wood, National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation

Dr. Larry Wood has been working with sea turtles in Florida for over 25 years.  His lifelong interest in reptiles brought him from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Juno Beach Florida, where he undertook nesting beach surveys, helped develop a sea turtle rehabilitation facility, and created numerous public awareness and marine education programs.

In 2004, he established the Comprehensive Florida Hawksbill Research and Conservation Program, which is the first and only long-term study of hawksbill turtles in Florida.  Dr. Wood has contributed to sea turtle conservation in many ways in Florida and elsewhere through publications, contributions to symposia, and student/volunteer mentorship.  He is currently pursuing his research and public education interests with the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation and the Audubon Society of America.


Florida Hawksbill Project

National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation

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