Green Up Kids™ is possible because of these amazing friends and sponsors. We are so grateful for their support and devotion to help us meet our mission to deliver fun, engaging conservation-based zoology programs that inspire children, teens, and adults to come together to care for the earth and its animals.

“What we appreciate, we preserve
What we value, we conserve
What we are taught, we understand
And when we understand, we can come
together to protect the earth and its animals.”
— C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl ®.

Your support helps to bring education programs to local schools, daycares and more. Plus, helps to protect rare and endangered species.

Contact us to learn how you can get involved.



Brattleboro – Ford Subaru –

LineSync Architecture –

Tim Lawrence Video Production


Joan Olsen Aubin
Ted & Betsy Newcomb
Joann Crosier
Lisa Oliver
Andrea C. Ansein-Allen
Robyn Neville
John Wills
Kimberly Toby
Russ Elek
Jaimie Scanlon
Sarah Fuqua
Robert Feinberg
Jessica Taylor
Peter Paggi
Ian Gillespie
Maritza Parra
Gillian Pettit
Pamela Simmons
K L Thalin
Thomas Bunnell
Carol MacDonald
Janette & Ed Smuts
Star Anderson
Bishop Kimly
Irv Macie
Ana Saavedra
Alyssa Todd
Beth Ann Fischberg
Mary Ann McLeod
Michelle Villeneuve
Maureen Bell
Kendra Pitillo
Karen Tyler
Kaly McKenna
Don Jones
Nathan Head
Julie Lineberger
Jodi Flynn
Marcia Passos Duffy
Rebecca Sorenson
Tim Lawrence
Michael Granger
Lynnelle Wilson
Jerod Tier
Lori Haddad
Justin Adams
Brenda Raleigh



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