Courses for Kids

New Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Courses

For youth who are passionate about the longevity of our planet and its animals.

These fun, engaging earth-friendly and adventure-packed programs are for kids who love animals and want to make a difference. The courses are delivered both  on line and in person at locations around the world. 

What’s really exciting about these programs is they give kids real-world information about becoming Social Entrepreneurs and Saving the Species that share our earth.

Each program delivers a detailed direction to ensure kids meet their missions by bringing their social projects and enterprises to life.


Save a Species

Wild and Wonderful Ways to Save a Species: 3 Steps to Saving the Animals You Love.

Join youth from around the globe who are saving bees by planting pollinator gardens, eliminating the use of plastic bags to help save sea turtles, eliminating foods that contain palm oil in order to help save Orangutans, and so much more.

In this 4-session course kids pick an animal they love, research and discover fun facts about them, connect with organizations who also care for the animal, and best of all create their own Personal Species Protection Plan™ that inspires others to join in.

This is a fun, interactive program for kids who love animals and want to help make a difference! 

Kids Podcasting for the Planet

Podcasting for the Planet - 5 Steps to voice your concerns and share your solutions with the world.

This program brings together a child’s love of technology and exploring the environment. Kids get the chance to create their own audio podcast and share their thoughts with the world, while influencing others to join in and help protect the environment.

In this course, students select their topics, identify their key audience, plan the format of their podcast, explore different types of technology, record their podcast, and with parent or caregivers permission can broadcast their thoughts to the world and inspire other youth to also care for the earth and its animals.


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