It all started back in the 4nd grade when I was asked to select an animal from the encyclopedia and write a paper for English class.

As I was flipping through the pages and pictures of the book I can across the DoDo bird, a funny looking bird that caught my attention. As I read on, I discovered it went extinct in 1681 because of over hunting and the introduction of animals that preyed on its young. Boy was I an upset little girl! This bird could have been saved if humans had cared a little more.

I remember coming home from school to tell my parents about the tragic news, yet they did not seem to understand why I was so upset. I stopped my feet and shouted,

“but we need to care, this bird will never be seen on the earth again.”

It was hard for me to understand why no one in my life seemed to understand my passion for animals and I didn’t have the resources to speak up and make a difference for other endangered animals.

Well, now I’m a grown up! I have the passion to speak up and the resources to make a difference in the animal world.

Hence the start of my online directory www.aTriptotheZoo.com

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